Club Vision 2025

December 27 Update

This year’s survey results showed us that you were happy with the parking in 2009, right after the new lot was added. But that score has declined steadily every year. We knew parking could be an issue as we continued to grow, and planned accordingly in our Master Plan.

The new parking lot will begin Monday January 9 and should be completed by early summer.  The Club was able to save thousands of dollars by beginning this project in the winter months.   This is also the best time of the year to remove trees.   The endangered Indiana Brown Bat is hibernating so we have no chance of disrupting their roosting patterns.  When the project is completed we will be replanting the hillside with indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses.   Just a warning: it will be noisy.   As I am sure you know, we need more parking spaces so it has to be done, but we do apologize if it is disruptive.  I know you will enjoy the convenience of the new lot once it is finished, hopefully in time for the busy summer pool season! 

More information and layout displays will be available in the Club soon.

March 7 Update

The New 2nd Indoor Warm Water/Salt Water Pool is complete and OPEN.  The project began in July 2015 and was completed ahead of schedule.  Click Here to read about the benefits of having 2 indoor salt water pools for member use.

Indoor Lap Pool Schedule

Indoor Warm Water Activity Pool Schedule

Feb. 17 Update

The Club is doing everything possible to OPEN the new warm water pool the weekend of February 27. The new HVAC unit was positioned today. For the remainder of February many subcontractors will be working on the pool, namely HVAC, electrical, pumping, pool, finish carpentry, painters, hardware, cleaners, etc.  During that time every effort will be made to finish the pool and receive the necessary permits to be able to open the pool by the end of February.  

Feb. 4 Update

We are so close you can almost swim in it! Liner installed, doors installed, rinse off showers and pump room almost complete, natural light through skylights coming in.

Jan. 14 update

Come and see for yourself the progress on construction when we open the door on Friday, January 22 from 5pm-8pm and Saturday, January 23 from 9am-6pm.

The concrete stamped deck has been installed and finishing work on the pump room is still in progress.

When the new Warm Water Pool opens, the existing indoor pool will be for lap swimming only.  All lap walking and other pool activities will take place in the new pool.  The new pool will also be a salt water pool and measure twenty yards in length.

Dec. 29 Update

The concrete pour is completed.  The pump room construction has started. We are a few weeks ahead of schedule on some items right now.  Planned opening is scheduled for Spring 2016.

Dec. 14 Update

The steel sides are installed the concrete bottom is being poured. Fill material will be compacted around the pool walls.  The access door to the private changing rooms has been installed as well as the water lines for the two indoor rinse showers. The pool should be ready for use by early Spring 2016.

Nov. 20 Update

The stainless steel sides of the pool have arrived and are being installed.  The pool size and shape can really be seen at this point of construction. The footer for the pool has been poured and the buttresses installed.  After the sides are installed the concrete bottom will be poured and then fill material will be compacted around the pool walls.  The pool should be ready for use by early Spring 2016. 

Nov. 6 Update

The pool is starting to take shape.  All soil has been removed and preparations for the foundation are starting.  Additionally, the three NEW dry changing rooms are complete.  This brings the total to 7 changing rooms for those that have families, need more privacy or just a quick change before their workout.

Oct. 29 Update

Construction continues!  The past few weeks were spent scoring and cutting the concrete foundation for removal.  On Wednesday, Oct. 28 the concrete was removed and excavation of the ground soil for the pool began on Thursday, Oct. 29.

Oct. 1 Update

A portion of the Indoor Track will be closed from 10/5 through 10/9, for the indoor pool construction, but the track will remain OPEN. The track will have two-way traffic and a U-turn at the point of the construction wall.  Please follow the arrow on the track for the direction of the lane. Single lane traffic only. Construction continues on the three new dry changing rooms located where the tanning beds previously were.  The rooms are expected to be completed by October 30.  Tanning services are still available with your membership.  The tanning bed is now located on the 2nd floor inside Tonics Spa and Salon.

Sept. 19 Update

Click Here for Construction Photo Album. The floor from the old group exercise room has been completely removed.  The concrete is being prepared for removal to dig the hole for the pool.  New concrete has been poured for a 2nd check-in window at the outdoor pool, expanded splash pad seating area and walk way to the outdoor rig.  The construction of the 3 dry changing rooms has begun.  These will be located where the tanning beds were previously.  The tanning bed is now located at Tonics Spa and Salon on the 2nd floor of the Club and is still complimentary for members.

Sept. 17 Update

Click Here to see the photo album of construction for the New 2nd Indoor Activity Pool. This week, construction includes removal of the old group exercise room floor, framing of doors, outside concrete work for the expanded splash pad and new check in window at the outdoor pool.

Sept. 11 Update

The installation of the drop ceiling and skylights is complete.  The Tanning beds will be shut down on Tuesday afternoon September 15th. The one bed will be relocated to Tonics and re-opened for use on September 17th Thursday.    Next week, if the weather cooperates concrete will be poured at the outdoor pool: expanding the splash pad, laying a path from the Club to the T Squash and installing another check-in window at the outdoor check-in desk.  The entire project should be completed by Spring 2016. 

Sept. 4 Update

9/4/15 - Framing of the new skylights will be completed this week and the drop ceiling is being installed.  The outdoor pool will close for the season at 8pm on Labor Day to accommodate the construction of the new pool. The tanning beds will be closed on Sept. 16 and one bed will be relocated to Tonics Spa.  The existing tanning bed space will be constructed into three dry changing rooms.



July 24 Update

7/24/15 - Indoor Track Closure: A portion of the Indoor Track will be closed August 14-21 for the indoor pool construction but the track will remain OPEN. The track will have two-way traffic and a U-turn at the point of the construction wall.  Please follow the arrow on the track for the direction of the lane.  Single lane traffic only. Thank you.

July 15 Update

7/15/15 - Construction of the 2nd Indoor Pool will begin the week of July 20.  All work at this time will be contained to the former Group Exercise Studio A.

Construction Will Begin

7/13/15 - Construction of the 2nd Indoor Pool is expected to begin in July 2015.