Club Vision 2025

Parking Expansion Announced

114 new parking spaces coming to the Club!

This year’s survey results showed us that you were happy with the parking in 2009, right after the new lot was added. But that score has declined steadily every year. We knew parking could be an issue as we continued to grow, and planned accordingly in our Master Plan.

The new parking lot will begin Monday January 9and should be completed by early summer.  The Club was able to save thousands of dollars by beginning this project in the winter months.   This is also the best time of the year to remove trees.   The endangered Indiana Brown Bat is hibernating so we have no chance of disrupting their roosting patterns.  When the project is completed we will be replanting the hillside with indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses.   Just a warning: it will be noisy.   As I am sure you know, we need more parking spaces so it has to be done, but we do apologize if it is disruptive.  I know you will enjoy the convenience of the new lot once it is finished, hopefully in time for the busy summer pool season! 

More information and layout displays will be available in the Club soon.