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Now more than ever individuals are taking a more meaningful role in improving and preserving their health and well-being.

The Mind Body Center at the Cincinnati Sports Club is one of the largest mind-body centers of any fitness club in Cincinnati.  Come and visit the Mind Body Center on the second floor of Cincinnati Sports Club!

Pilates, a mind-body workout based upon the principles of Joseph Pilates, was developed during the 1920's. The Pilates Reformer, a professional-grade piece of equipment used specifically for Pilates, specializes in Pilates-based body conditioning, postural assessment, gait analysis, balance, and strength and flexibility training.

Pilates is great for individuals looking for increased stability, strength, and flexibility in the core area (abdominals and back). Although the Pilates Reformer is beneficial for virtually everyone, it is particularly important for athletes, including golfers, tennis players, skiers, runners, and dancers, to stabilize their core muscles.

Pilates training is offered in private, semi-private and group settings. Meet the Staff...

For more information about the new Mind Body Center at Cincinnati Sports Club, please contact us at (513) 527-4000 or click here.