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Health & Wellness Events

Free Injury Screening: Consult a professional about injuries and setbacks with a free injury screening from Vic Troha, CSC Wellness Clinician. Register at the fitness desk for a session with him on: Thursday, 6/29 from 12pm-2pm Thursday, 7/6 from 4pm-6pm Wednesday, 7/12 7:30am-9:30am It’s a quick discussion and evaluation of your injuries, with a plan of action to heal them. Call 513-527-4000 to register, or click here for more information.

Hernia Education Event: The Christ Hospital specializes in treatment of simple and complex hernias, and they’re hosting an educational event about them on Wednesday, 7/12 from 7pm-9pm. Jonathan Schilling, MD, and Gina Maccarone, MD are speaking and answering questions about different types of hernias and treatment options to help you get back on track. Register at any desk in the Club at least 24 hours in advance if you’d like to attend.

Shoe Fitting: Finding the perfect fit for a running shoe can completely change your fitness game. Schedule a free shoe fitting on Thursday, 7/13 from 6pm-8pm; bring your old shoes, receive with a gait analysis and foot measurement, and leave with a prescription for your perfect fit. Register at any desk for more information.

Professional Bra Fitting: Sports bras aren’t accessories – they’re equipment. Our resident expert Karen has 15 years in the fitting business, and will be giving free sizing screenings on Monday, 7/17 from 6pm-8pm, with a variety of sports bras on-hand for purchase at 10% off. Visit any desk at the Club to sign up for your session.

Sports Wellness Tips: Spring and summer bring the return of more outdoor activity and team sports action. As we age, it’s crucial to take a few essential steps to manage our injuries and stay at our best through the season:

  • Proper dynamic warmup
  • Therapy program tailored to injury
  • Home treatment to reduce pain, limit swelling and preserve mobility

Remember: the most important thing to remember is, we can’t rush the healing process. But we can help make it more efficient. Contact Vic Troha if you need guidance, or visit him at the injury screening next Thursday.

Member Success with HMR: Have you seen the HMR meals and info around the Club? They’ve helped 35 members lose 665 pounds in 20 weeks together. All it takes is a simple diet shift to healthy shakes and entrees, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a personal exercise plan for a well-rounded regimen. Check it out at a quick HMR meeting on Monday at 12pm or Tuesday at 6pm, or click here for more information. 

Nutritional Therapy with Vic: Did you know that there are nutritional and biochemical imbalances in the body that can impair your health? Nutritional therapists work to alleviate and prevent physical ailments through structured dietary recommendations. CSC Wellness Clinician Vic Troha finding adjustments that need to be made in your eating habits to create a well-rounded, healthy eating program. Visit him for a nutrition assessment and detailed weekly meal plan. For more information, email Vic personally or visit him at the Club.

Overcoming Back Pain: Summertime is filled with outdoor activities like gardening, walking/running, and attending social events with friends and family. It shouldn’t be a time that is hampered by back pain. Physical therapy with CSC Wellness Clinician Vic Troha is already helping other members develop a plan to overcome debilitating back conditions with personal plans to help them live an active, pain-free life. He’s here to help – email him to get started today.

Health & Wellness Services

HMR Weight Management: The Sports Club has partnered with HMR Weight Management to offer a new weight loss program to Club members and the general public. HMR is more than a diet; it’s been proven to reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetes, and degenerative joint disease. Weight management is about losing the weight for good, and learning to thrive with a healthier approach to your day. The program involves group coaching, regular physical activity, and a structured diet of 2 entrees, 3 shakes and 5 fruits or vegetables every day. We’re hosting no-obligation information sessions on Tuesdays at 9:30am and Thursdays at 12pm – check it out to see how HMR can help you shape your life for the better!

Nutritional Therapy: Did you know that there are nutritional and biochemical imbalances in the body that can impair your health? Nutritional therapists can help you alleviate and prevent physical ailments through structured dietary recommendations. CSC Wellness Clinician Vic Troha can help; he focuses on finding adjustments that need to be made in your eating habits to create a well-rounded, healthy eating program. Visit him for a $79 personal consultation, which consists of a nutrition assessment and detailed weekly meal plan that works for your needs. Or, purchase a three-part service for $199, in which he’ll meet with you after several weeks on the program to make adjustments to your plan, and create a discharge assessment several weeks thereafter to make final alterations that set you up for long-term success. For more information, email Vic personally or visit him at the Club.

MyZone Fitness Tracking: Get technical with your workout using MyZone’s newest activity belt! The MZ-3 tracks your effort with 99% accuracy, using heart rate-based tracking technology to help you achieve your goals with precise data measurements. You can view your physical activity data on your smartphone, in addition to on-screen stats you can choose to display at the Club during your workout. Instantly check your progress, and track against others in your group training sessions. Email Michael Downs for more information.

Chinese Cupping Therapy: Chinese cupping is a physical therapy technique that helps people who are chronically tight or have limited motion. This ancient method has become a popular way to eliminate toxins and break up adhesions by using a suction cup over targeted areas. If you think this can help you through your day to day, visit the fitness desk and ask for Vic Troha.

Wellness Clinician at the Club: If you haven’t heard already, Dr. Vic Troha has been named the new Wellness Clinician at the CSC. Vic offers cash-based physical therapy services (unaffiliated with The Christ Hospital) in 30 and 60-minute sessions. Here are several Frequently Asked Questions we've heard so far:

  1. Are you affiliated with Christ Hospital Physical Therapy? No, the health and wellness position is a completely separate entity than Christ Hospital.
  2. What is the main difference between your Physical Therapy service and others? I am a cash based PT service, which provides one on one treatment for 30 or 60 minutes. The patient pays upfront and is given an itemized receipt if they wish to reimburse through insurance.
  3. Why do you have a blue shirt? The blue shirt represents the newly created position as the Sports Club’s Wellness Doctor providing physical therapy, nutritional therapy and personal training.
  4. Do I need a referral to see you for physical therapy or nutritional therapy? Nope, feel free to schedule with me directly. It is up to me to refer back to your primary physician once we meet.
  5. What if I can’t make a joint or injury screening? Contact me directly and I will be sure to make time available to meet. You can get my contact information from my business cards at the fitness and member service desks. Or just come find me in the blue shirt!
  6. I’m not sure if my injury needs to be treated with physical therapy or if personal training will suffice. What should I do? Still schedule an appointment (free of charge) with me to take a closer look at your injury/concerns. Your health is my main priority and I will help guide you down the most appropriate path.

Complimentary Wellness Services: Did you know that members may request a free wellness screening at the Club? Screenings include blood pressure, body fat percentage and BMI readings to help you establish a baseline for your fitness goals. Visit the Fitness Desk for details.

Healthspirations Digital Health Hub: The Christ Hospital recently launched Healthspirations, a digital hub on their website designed to inspire a healthy lifestyle. Read articles about medical conditions, fitness, orthopedics, women’s health and staff spotlights, or learn new recipes that can help change the way you eat. Visit for the full scoop!

Golf Tips for Healthy Joints: Many people play golf because they enjoy the game, and because they’re seeking an exercise without excessive joint stress. But, without proper mechanics, golf can be more strenuous than you think. Follow these five tips to improve your golf game and protect your joints.

Juice Plus In The Pro Shop: Juice Plus is a whole food nutritional product made from 17 to 26 fruits, veggies and grains, with benefits that include improved workouts, shorter recovery time, enhanced immunity, more energy, better sleep and a healthier body. Every parent, grandparent and adult that registers as a Juice Plus customer will also receive free Juice Plus for children younger than 18 for up to three years. For more information, email Heather Maloney.

Personal Routine Consultations: Looking for the best way to get in shape this year? Meet one of our fitness professionals for a complimentary session to discuss your goals and create a workout program tailored to fit your personal needs. Each program includes a free 30-minute training session that focuses on which types of exercise are right for you and the proper techniques to maximize their effectiveness. For more information, call 513-527-4000.