Zero To Squash in 8 Hours

Did you ever want to try your hand at squash but just couldn’t find the time? Now there is a way for busy adults to go from beginner to competitor in 4 short weeks!

The T is now offering a new “Zero To Squash in 8 Hours” program for both men and women. The program, which kicks off the week of September 19 is designed to teach basic techniques, rules of the game, and strategies for winning in a structured small group program. Absolutely no playing experience is necessary.

All equipment including racquets, squash balls, shoes and goggles will be provided. Participants may wear their own unmarked, indoor squash shoes if desired. The program cost is $199.00 for a full 8 hours of focused squash instruction and game play.

No previous squash experience is required.

Each clinic is one hour in length

Squash Play

Start Playing Squash

The Cincinnati Sports Club is home to the top squash play in the Cincinnati area and is now a partner of The T Squash Academy. The two facilities combined bring a total of 8 courts, making us the largest squash facility in the Midwest.  Click Here for more information about The T Squash Academy.

The Sports Club’s three international-size squash courts have movable back walls that provide play options for both squash and racquetball players. They are available at no court cost for play to its members. The Club also participates in the Cincinnati Squash and Racquetball League.

Squash is an easy game to learn if you’re a beginner, and private lessons are available. Maybe you’re an advanced player or just want to re-acquaint yourself after several years away from this racquet sport! Private lessons are available.

You can enjoy it as a leisure-time activity or as a competitive sport, regardless of the weather outside.

Round robin play is available year round on Monday nights from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Members and their guests may come and compete in the best play in the city.

For membership information to the Cincinnati Sports Club, please call 513-527-4000.


Partnership with the T Squash Academy

Partnership With The T: Beginning in February 2015, the Cincinnati Sports Club became partners with The T Squash Academy, a non-profit, citywide educational initiative, to become the largest squash facility in the Midwest. Our facility will boast eight squash courts, with room to add four more, and the coaching staff at The T will focus on teaching squash to area youth as a vehicle for life and leadership skills. This arrangement positions us as a regional leader as squash continues to grow in popularity, and we are thrilled to work with a national training center where kids can learn and compete on a national level. Our adult squash programming, including tournaments and round robins, will also grow with this partnership. For more information about The T Squash Academy, Click Here